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Terry Yeakey, brave victim of the New World Order
On the 19th April 1995 the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was virtually destroyed. The official story put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Timothy McVeigh, who was painted as a right wing nutter with a massive ammonium nitrate bomb.
One of the first on the scene was Sgt. Terrence Yeakey. His bravery that day, a day in which he dug for survivors with his own hands bringing himself close to total exhaustion, earned him the Medal of Valor from the Oklahoma City Police Department. Terry Yeakey was murdered three days before the investiture was supposed to happen – 8th May 1996.
The official report said “suicide” and as I hope the previous Fragments showed we must always be very sceptical when this is the outcome of any official report. According to the official report Yeakey slashed himself eleven times on both forearms. Then he cut his own throat – twice. Then he is alleged to have crawled a mile in rough terrain, moving away from his car, and climbed a fence! Not content he then shot himself in the head. That there were rope burns on his neck, handcuff bruises on his wrists and muddy grass imbedded in his wounds – all corresponding to a body being bound and dragged - did not change the verdict.
When looking at these situations we have to use the before, during and after to draw our own conclusions on this human tragedy.

Before Yeakey’s death

After the explosion at the Murrah building Terrence Yeakey saw quite a few things.  A few things some people did not want him to see. Yeakey’s widow revealed that her husband had been very upset by something he had seen under the day centre on the 19th April 1995. The officials at the bombsite did not allow him back to photograph what it was that he had seen. Was this evidence of another bomb? On the day of the blast Terrence had phoned his wife saying how the official story was a sham. From that day Yeakey told friends he was going to secure evidence of a cover up by federal agents. In his last known conversation to one of his friends he felt he was being followed by “the feds”.
In terms of what this shows us there are two main things to say. Firstly, if you are going to blow the whistle blow it hard, blow it long and don’t walk alone. Secondly this is a very common modus operandi and it has been used for large atrocities, 9/11, as well as individual murders. In 9/11 some people were warned of events, it is likely a bomb or bombs were already there, a scapegoat was ready to go and obvious incriminating evidence cleared up quickly. In terms of whistleblowers these are eliminated with recourse to the “suicide” story – as we saw in the case of Dr. David Kelly.

During Yeakey’s death

It is obvious to me that Yeakey was tortured. Any organisation perpetrating a crime such as the bombing of the Murrah building has to find out what has been compromised.  The   risk must then be eliminated but not before any secondary risks have been ascertained. Then the clean up must take place and any leaks blocked.
The question becomes did Yeakey work alone? Why was he putting himself in danger? Did he have any evidence and had he passed it to anyone else?

After Yeakey’s death

The cover-up is a give away. Suicide? According to the report he shot himself in the right temple, above the eye, and the bullet exited in the area of the left cheek, near the left ear lobe. A trajectory of 40/45 degrees downwards. Who has ever shot themselves like that? Leaving no powder burns. Leaving no gun!
Despite the incident occurring 30 miles from Oklahoma and in a different jurisdiction the investigation into Yeakey’s death was quickly handed over to the Oklahoma City police department and the FBI. A homicide investigation was never carried out and neither, amazingly, was an autopsy. Not really like CSI on the telly eh?
As an epitaph Terrence Yeakey’s widow has had to constantly move house as she receives death threats and has been broken into several times. Someone is still worried about what Terrence Yeakey knew.
Why have we not heard more about this story? On the face of it is meaty enough and exciting enough for a Will Smith or Denzel Washington to get involved in. Oscar winner written all over it. Both could play the well-built African-American policeman hero and shed some light on this shadowy story.  But they are just acting brave at the end of the day, they are not real heroes.  Do they have the balls to take up the challenge? Do they have the pride in keeping the memory of Sgt. Terrence Yeakey alive? The Mongoose is proud to do so here and asks you to do the same.
Terrence - the truth will come out and your death will not be in vain.
The last two links are a two-part interview with Terrence Yeakey’s widow.

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