GCHQ Belgium hacking claim 'has to be probed'
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GCHQ Belgium hacking claim 'has to be probed'


From BBC website

Labour's Claude Moraes said it was "only natural" there was an inquiry.

Britain said the EU did not have the power to investigate. GCHQ says it works within a strict legal framework.

The head of GCHQ, Sir Iain Lobban, did not turn up to give evidence at Thursday's European Parliamentary Inquiry, which is tasked with investigating the extent of the alleged electronic mass surveillance of EU citizens.

'Unusual allegation'

Representatives from Belgacom, which provides internet services and telecommunications across Belgium including to the EU and its institutions, did attend Thursday's inquiry.

Geert Stadaert, vice president of the firm, told the inquiry its experts "sounded the alarm about anomalies in Belgacom's networks" in June.

The company said it had discovered malicious software in its systems.

Mr Stadaert said Belgacom had no information about the perpetrator or the motive.

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