Black hole is discovered pumping out jets of heavy metals at 440 MILLION mph
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Black hole is discovered pumping out jets of heavy metals at 440 MILLION mph


From The Mail

But this is the first time a black hole has been discovered to be pumping out heavier atoms, which are thought to be moving at two thirds the speed of light - or 440 million mph.

Black holes are sinks for matter and energy. They are so dense that not even light can escape from their clutches.

tellar-mass black holes are often found feasting on material from a companion star.

Matter flows from the star towards the black hole, circling in a disc around it with a temperature so high that it emits X-rays.

The black hole can be a fussy eater: instead of swallowing all of the material, it sometimes pushes a fraction of it away in the form of two powerful jets of particles.

Because these jets release mass and energy into the surroundings, the black hole has less material to feed on.

Astronomers and physicists have long-known about this phenomena, but the exact mechanism  behind it has been a mystery.

The latest observation could help scientists narrow down exactly where the jets form.

The European Space Agency's XMM-Newton space telescope snapped the black hole, dubbed 4U1630-47, producing jets of the material.

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