'Mark Duggan was clutching a mobile phone and had his hands up in surrender when he was shot at point-blank range' says witness
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'Mark Duggan was clutching a mobile phone and had his hands up in surrender when he was shot at point-blank range' says witness


A witness has told an inquest how Mark Duggan was clutching a mobile phone in his hand when he was shot dead by armed police.

The man, referred to as Witness B to protect his anonymity, told the inquest into the 29-year-old's death how he saw Mr Duggan still holding the device as he collapsed after being shot by a police marksman stood 'five to seven steps away'.
The witness said he used his own mobile to film the aftermath of the fatal shooting in August 2011, which sparked riots across London and other parts of Britain.
More than 50 members of the public packed into an annexe of the courtroom at the Royal Courts of Justice to watch via a video-link as the footage was shown to the jury.
Ashley Underwood QC, counsel to the inquest, asked the witness whether he heard a 'commotion' shortly after 6pm on August 4, 2011.
'I heard tyres screeching and then I heard shouting' he said. 'The shouting was either "put it down or get down".'

Witness B told the inquest he saw armed police wearing blue jackets close to the mini cab Mr Duggan was travelling in.
'When I saw him (Mr Duggan) he was on the sidewalk,' he said.

'He tried to run off towards Tottenham Hale but then there was a police officer standing there.'
The witness said he then saw Mr Duggan turn around to run towards Blackhorse Road.

'Could you see his hands?' Mr Underwood asked.
'Yes,' Witness B replied. 'It looked like a phone clutched in his hand. I’ve said that since day one.
'That was definitely a phone clutched in his hand.'
Asked where Mr Duggan was holding his hands at the time, the witness raised his own hands above his shoulders, the hearing was told.

The man told the jury he saw Mr Duggan collapse on the pavement after being shot twice.
Photograph shows the bullet-holed jacket of Mark Duggan 

'How did you know he had been shot?' Mr Underwood asked.

'I heard the shots,' he replied. 'The way he fell as well. He just collapsed.'

Asked how far away the police marksman was from Mr Duggan when the shots were fired, Witness B said: 'About a couple of steps. Five to seven steps.'

The BBC challenged an order by the coroner, Judge Keith Cutler, that the broadcaster should reveal the name of the eyewitness who filmed the aftermath of the shooting.
He told the jury Mr Duggan was holding his hands up, with his palms facing towards the officers and a phone clutched in his right hand.

Leslie Thomas, representing Mr Duggan’s family, asked Witness B: 'Are you saying that Mark Duggan was shot when it looked as if he was surrendering?'

'Yes,' he replied.

'Any doubt about that?' Mr Thomas asked.

'None whatsoever.'

Mr Thomas asked Witness B why he had not taken his video footage to the police.

'To be honest, I don’t really trust the police,' the witness replied.

'I just can’t relate to them really.'

The response prompted an outburst of applause from members of the public watching the inquest proceedings via videolink.

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