South Africa G4S prison staff accused of abuse
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South Africa G4S prison staff accused of abuse


From BBC website

The BBC has obtained leaked footage filmed inside the high security prison, in which one can hear the click of electrified shields, and shrieking. It also shows a prisoner resisting a medication.

Researchers at the Wits Justice Project at Wits University in Johannesburg say they have collected accounts of electric shocks and beatings from almost 30 prisoners during a year-long investigation.

Africa correspondent Andrew Harding: "S African authorities say the situation at the maximum security Mangaung Prison is shocking and out of control"

"Some said they would pass out when the shocks became too intense," said Ruth Hopkins, a journalist with the Wits Justice Project.

She said inmates also complained about suffering broken limbs and other serious injuries.

One former prisoner told the BBC electric shocks were used as "torture", while a sacked security guard said water was thrown over inmates to increase the impact of the charge.

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