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Bill hicks wrote this article in november 1993 for scallyway magazine, its called UNRESOLVABLE PROBLEMS-RESOLVED!!

Bosnia herzegovina,bosnia herzegovina......thats all you hear in the news these days.the general consensus amongst the press is one of perplexity and puzzlement, as the pundits keep asking themselves(aloud) how it is "americans can sit back and let this carnage in bosnia continue? How can the american people sit back so apathetically and watch this terrible carnage and "ethnic cleansing" take place?

The images of horror we pump into american homes around the clock have had no discernible affect.Why is that?(ect ect adnauseam.) Id like to venture a guess here.Could it be because you , the media-acting as the mouthpiece for the elite state power you serve, have lied about EVERY SINGLE STORY you've ever reported on ? from 'inhuman savagery' of native americans, to the unchallanged "hes a hitler" statment regarding saddam hussein, perhaps were just a little tired of having our emotional chain yanked by you agenda setting wastrels.Perhaps were tired of being played like a cheap violin.Maybe just maybe you've cried 'wolf' one to many times.

Bosnia conveniently took centre stage in your nightly newscast just as the iraq war petered out and george bush slinked away defeated.Its most impressive how this thousand year old conflict only recently became headline news and TOP STORY significance.What a scoop! You eager truth seekers definitely cant be accused of dragging your feet.I guess you had to wait for the discovery of america and the invention of televison in order for the images you pass on to be extremely graphic and appalling, and therefore ,hopefully, insuring a speedy end to this now vital conflict(now thats thinking ahead!)

Do you really care about bosnia-herzegovina? or is bosnia just another in a long series of UNRESOLVABLE PROBLEMS you shrilly go on about in order to keep the general populance anxious,confused,helpless,ultimately-controllable?well?

Im not suggesting what is happing there is not tragic.It is.And just to show you im not totally insensitive to the plight of the....serbs?bosnians?muslims?croatians?women?children?,or whomever you're going to feature in tonights newscast in order push our buttons....i will solve this unresolvable problem right now-free of charge.And just to show you im not some pie in the sky peacenick,spoilsport-i garrantee we'll still get to use the full extent of our military strenght.(whew!)

Heres how we do it: We find out where the serbs,bosnians,muslims whomever, are getting their wepons and then we blow up thoose suppliers with extreme(...) Id be willing to bet enthusiasm for 'ethnic cleansing' will wane if only sticks and rocks are available for the warring parties(hey something just occured to me.If civilization had a no tolernce attitude towards the makers of wepons,maybe there'd be less war.....sorry)

I know i know ....your're thinking 'blow up the the arm dealers!? how could that possibly help? Well, Just think how much we americans will save on petrol.Our planes can just drop their bombs on take off!A secondary target could be those propaganda outlets that stoke the fires of our hatreds and keep us at each others throats while the powers continue to enact there agendas with impunity.Imagine how entertaining that would be-sitting at home watching the finest war machine the world has ever seen,bombing their own bases and munitions factories,then heading towards atlanta and the CNN bunker where they will perform their final kamikaze mission for peace.One by one, our TV's suddenly go blank.we turn them off and breathe a collective sigh of relief.Our shared nightmare has ended.Mordor has fallen.We could then turn to our friends,our neighbors,our gardens,our books,and even to our thoughts,listening as songbirds provide the soundtrack for our reborn earth,and the dream of forgiveness dawns gently on our healing minds.

And what about the press?What part could you now play?Well in light of the spineless servility you've shown to state power,and the function you've played as propagandist for the ruling elite,for your blatant obfuscations of facts,your agenda-pushing histrionics,your trivalization off all things good and inportant,your focusing on the trival in order to deny serious thought therefore keeping unresolvable problems unresolved.thereby assuring your continued employment,there seems to be only one HONORABLE thing left for you to do.But dont worry, it will be remembered in your obituaries that ultimatly you made the correct editorial choice. i.e-editing yourself from the truth seeking,journalistic process.

i posted this because i still belive it to be extremly relevant today...21years later!!!!! his points about the media are spot on.this is why bill hicks was more than just a stand up comic.

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