End the siege: 26th July Pro-Palestine Demonstration
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End the siege: 26th July Pro-Palestine Demonstration

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495 On Saturday the 26th of July, tens of thousands once again took to the streets of London to protest Israel's "operation protective edge" conflict, that is currently in a temporary cease fire agreement while the civilians of Gaza are allowed to return to their homes (or should I say what is left of their homes), to look for loved ones that may have been killed, or trapped beneath wreckage. The current death toll in the conflicted has reached over 1000 Palestinians, over 40 Israelis (two of which known to be friendly fire, if there is such a thing) and an additional 5000+ Palestinians wounded.

498The protests also took place in Tel Aviv, NYC, Toronto, Dublin among many others, but the greatest show of defiance to Israel was from those in Paris France, that although were banned from any anti-Israel protests by the French government, still took to the streets to show their support. Unfortunately a sum of 50 pro-Palestinian supports were apparently arrested by French police and the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated that the organisers will be held responsible.

497In Toronto the pro-Palestinian supporters were also met by pro-Israel supporters, to which the police had to ensure they remained separated, so to keep the peace for what was supposed to be a peaceful protest.

Once again in London it was the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign leading the charge, with a return from some of last weeks guest speakers like MP Dianne Abbott (among others), reiterating the same message "The war crimes must stop and to Boycott Israel". PSC chairman Hugh Lanning stated "Britain sold some $10.7 million worth of arms to Israel" driving home the point that British aid to Israel must stop, if this is how Israel intend on using it, by killing innocent civilians in Gaza.

499 Only time will tell if these global protests will bear any impact. We still have seen any televised news reports of these protests, but at least now the mainstream media is finally following up these protests on their online news sites, which is a start to showing it is having some effect.

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Bill hicks wrote this article in november 1993 for scallyway magazine, its called UNRESOLVABLE PROBLEMS-RESOLVED