The Symbolic New World
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The Symbolic New World

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We see it everyday in our day to day lives, but more often than not, it is brushed off, ignored, side stepped, or unnoticed. However, it would seem that pharaonic Illuminati/masonic symbolism is becoming more and more predominant in our daily lives than we realise. Symbolism being used in such a way, that it is almost an assault on our subconscious to become the acceptable norm.
We all know of the obvious ones, such as the incomplete pyramid on the dollar bill and the all seeing eye above it (this being the symbol of the Illuminati, or the Knights Templar), 35 but what about the use of these symbols being adopted by artists within the entertainment industry and the constant use of hand gestures and other symbols within music videos, movies, TV programs, the news and even architecture? Well if you were not already aware, free-thinkers are here to help.

 Most people are already aware of big corporation using the media to their own gain (the propaganda machine if you will). A prime example of that being MSNBC, which stands for the  Microsoft and the National Broadcasting Company (Bill Gates’ own personal propaganda publisher).
48 37 However, did you also know that CBS with their 'all seeing eye' logo  (designed in the 1950's) was a company founded by William S. Paley in the 1930's. A man that was fingered as a CIA recruited spin doctor back in an article in 1975.  Carl Bernstein (journalist for Rolling Stone magazine) reported that CIA Director Allen W. Dulles had long relied on CBS president William S. Paley "Over the years" and had "provided cover for CIA employees".
Over time, this progression of infiltration has advanced and branched out like a spider web, with Illuminati/Freemason companies taking control over practically the majority of all media/entertainment companies, examples being the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s (both coming from big oil company backgrounds) being two of the majority shareholders in nearly all forms of entertainment and news corporations across the globe.

As we filter down the chains within these companies, we see these symbols arise again and again with logos shaped as the sun or a sun rise (in worship of the sun) like BP and Shell, 43 or the satanic 'double cross' of Exxon mobil, 39 4041 and with artist like Jayz and Beyonce creating triangles with their hands and holding these pyramid shaped hand gestures as a window over their eye, lady gaga performing luciferian hand gestures representing triple sixes and goat headed demons in splashes of water in Rihanna videos that look remarkably like Baphomet (a demon worshiped by the Knights Templar).

However, one of my personal favourites that goes unnoticed is the checkered floor. The checkered floor has turned up in countless movies, music videos and images that people never seem to truly notice, or even realize what it actually symbolises. However, the deeper part of this, is that these checkered floors are found in many structures.

52 46 The checkered floor is representative of a conflict between good and evil, and more so with in human beings. Standing on these floors, or the crossing of, are part of a Ritual. It is symbolic of crossing dimensions, as a portal, or gateway if you will with in the belief of the Kabbalah (otherwise known as the practice of Jewish mysticism). By crossing these floors, it is a form of indoctrination, or initiation if you will. Over all these checkered floors lies the symbol of the sun, whether it be in the shape of a pentagram, or star, or some other manner, it is always there, and once again links itself to Kabbalah (the astral god of the sun Nimrod) and lending itself further back to the pharaonic worship of the sun, the sun god Horus.
4745 With that, also comes the eye symbolism in the eye of Horus (otherwise know as the eye of Ra, and also used to symbolise other pharaonic goddesses such Wadjet, Sekhmet and Bast). The eye of Ra is also symbolised in a snake, or serpent rapped around the sun normally above a deities head. We also find this symbolism within churches, normally found above a crucified Jesus Christ, we find the sun, sometimes in stained glass windows, or painted in a murial behind.

Unknown to most, the bible was infiltrated and doctored by Emperor Constantine in 331 AD. Emperor Constantine (whom ruled the Roman empire in the period of 312-337AD) ordered that an "ecumenical Bible" be written (the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus) . These two new bibles were a revised edition of the new testament created for the soul purpose to incorporate new ideas (lies) to gain more following with the pagans of the time, and still cater to Christians and Catholics alike, to bring more people over to the Christian faith, and to seal the belief that Jesus was a deity, not a prophet of God. It contained many alterations that incorporated manuscripts filled with Alexandrian belief, given to Emperor Constantine by Eusebius (the Bishop of Caesaria and a follower of Origen Adamantius, a Greek scholar), his employee for the task of helping create these new bibles. These versions are not of the original text  (the oldest written texts written by Jesus' diciples and those that documented their teachings of Jesus' conduct and practices). These works were brought together at the The council of Nicea (founded in 325 AD).
The most common bible in use at present is the "King James bible" (a re-revised edition of the new testament written in 1611), and is closely linked to the "Sinaiticus", as it was a translation of the Greek new testament (which was the "Sinaiticus"). All this information can be found in the works of Michael Grant's 'Constantine the Great' and Bart D. Ehrman's 'Misquoting Jesus' (amoungst other sources).

Whether you believe these things, or not, or believe these people believe these things, it is clearly obvious (when you know what you are looking for) that these symbols are being used, and that these symbols we discuss here are known Illuminati/Freemasonic symbols.
So why be so blasé about it I hear you ask? Because, this is how they intend to indoctrinate the world.
The more we are forced to see these symbols, the more we become accustomed to them, and the more popular the celebrity is advertising these symbols, the more likely it is to catch on and become 'trendy' with in popular culture 38. The more we see them in popular movies, the more we accept them, and the more we walk by them, over them, or through them, the more we open ourselves to them as our reality and allow them to control us. Like the hidden messages in the movie 'They Live' by John Carpenter, 'stay asleep', 'obey', 'consume', 'marry and reproduce'. They believe us to be ignorant, blind fools, and in their quest for power and glory, they have become jaded by their own feats to which the heights they have climbed above those still grounded below. These people believe us nothing more than mindless cattle, ripe for the slaughter.
However, some of us are still awake, some of us have escaped the clutches of this dream state they believe they have cast over us, and like in the Matrix, we are here to offer you that metaphorical choice. The chance to peer behind the wizards curtain, to tumble further down the rabbit hole and see what is at the end. So which will it be, the red pill, or the blue pill? The choice is yours.

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