Boy, 7, who developed narcolepsy after swine flu jab is denied compensation because he is 'not ill enough'
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Boy, 7, who developed narcolepsy after swine flu jab is denied compensation because he is 'not ill enough'


From The Mail (Online)

Earlier this year, the Government admitted that the Pandemrix jab could be to blame and Josh’s mother Caroline hoped she would get financial assistance to deal with his condition.

But Josh has now been told he does not have a ‘severe’ enough disability to qualify for compensation.

Ms Hadfield, 42, declared the decision ‘disgusting’ and said the condition had irreversibly changed his life.

She said: ‘At the end of the day this vaccine has irreversibly changed his life forever and there’s nothing we can do about this.

‘He has to take a very, very strong cocktail of drugs each day just to get through the day.’

Josh received the vaccine at his local GP surgery on January 21, 2010 after his mother was told he was ‘at risk’ of the H1N1 virus because he was under five.

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