Fracking lights up the North Dakota sky
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Fracking lights up the North Dakota sky


From The Telegraph

North Dakota is now the second largest oil producing state in America and it produces more than 911,000 barrels a day, thanks to hydraulic fracking

The scale of the boom is staggering - oil production from this area has increased by a third in the past year alone.

It has brought great prosperity to the area too - it has risen from being one of the poorest states in the US to now having a GDP that is 29% above the national average.

Children who were born to parents in the lower fifth of the income bracket are now 35% more likely to enter the top fifth income bracket themselves.

It has also brought at least 25,000 jobs to the area. Entire towns have sprung up to house the workers. These so-called “man camps”, due to the high numbers of transient male workers they house, have contributed to the night time glare in North Dakota.

However, it is flaring of natural gas from the wells that has meant the fracking boom in North Dakota has become visible from space.

Natural gas is burned off from the top of the wells as a waste product in the fracking process as it is released from reserves under ground.

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