Up to 2,000 frack wells a year needed to cut gas bills
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Up to 2,000 frack wells a year needed to cut gas bills


From The Mail

Sir David King, the government's former chief scientist, suggested cost benefits from fracking may only be achieved with major disruption to the landscape.

He expressed support for firms drilling to explore the size of the UK's reserves which could reduce reliance on imported gas from Russia and Qatar.

But he warned those expecting gas prices to plummet as in the United States, that the far higher concentration of people and resulting planning issues in Britain would make it very difficult to do it 'on anything like the same scale' and raise problems with 'social acceptance.'

David Cameron has embraced fracking - horizontal drilling to extract natural gas from shale rocks thousands of feet underground.

The prime minister said last year: 'I think we would be making a big mistake as a nation if we did not think hard about how to encourage fracking and cheaper prices right here in the UK.

'If you look at what's happening in America with the advent of shale gas and fracking, their energy costs in business and their gas prices are half the level of ours'

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