‘We say no to shale gas’: World unites against fracking
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‘We say no to shale gas’: World unites against fracking


Activists from 26 countries participated in around 250 protests on Saturday to demonstrate against fracking technologies, which they say contaminate groundwater and hasten climate change.

Global Frackdown, an annual event that takes place on October 19, targets fracking – a process used to extract hydrocarbons by pumping pressurized chemicals underground.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of cities across the globe.

Around 1,000 protesters in Pungesti, Romania protested against US oil giant Chevron’s plan to start drilling outside the village. Although the energy firm received permission from the local authority, concerned locals have come together to take a stand against the potential health and environmental risks posed by hydraulic fracturing in the region.

The protesters shouted, "Chevron, go home" and "We say no to shale gas."

Chevron suspended work on Thursday in response to three-day protests in the area. Still, activists continue to demonstrate.

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