Wildlife groups criticise green farm subsidy move
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Wildlife groups criticise green farm subsidy move


From BBC online

The government proposed increasing the proportion of farm payments transferred to protecting wildlife from 9% to 15%.

But it backed it down to 12% after farmers said this was not fair.

The government said it would be spending a bigger share on the environment despite a smaller overall budget for subsidies.

Farmers get £50bn of taxpayers' money a year based mainly on the amount of land they own, and the EU set out this year to ensure that they earned their grants by protecting the countryside.

Little changed as the plans were fought successfully by farmers across Europe.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson had said he wanted to make a difference by transferring 15% of grants away from direct payments for farmers and into protecting wildlife and helping the rural economy.

The Welsh government has stuck to its plan to take 15% off direct farm payments but the Scottish government has shaved off 9.5%.

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