Mother whose baby was snatched from her womb by the State
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Mother whose baby was snatched from her womb by the State


From The Mail online

Like any loving mother, Alessandra Pacchieri recalls every detail of her baby girl’s face, from her brown eyes to her sweet smile.

They are precious memories because in May she was made to say goodbye to her daughter.

After a cuddle, she watched grief-stricken as the nine-month-old toddler, in a red-spotted romper suit, was carried off by Essex social workers to be handed to new parents.

The recollection of that moment makes tears run down 35-year-old Alessandra’s cheeks.

She is the Italian mother at the centre of an international row after Britain’s secretive family courts decided without her consent that she should have a caesarean under anaesthetic, and that after her baby was cut from her womb it should be put into care and earmarked for adoption.

Cruelly, she was allowed to hold her newborn baby only briefly. She was instructed not to breast-feed her, and has seen her beloved child just ten short times since the horrific birth.

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