Parents 'should go abroad to avoid family courts'
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Parents 'should go abroad to avoid family courts'


From BBC

Liberal Democrat John Hemming, chairman of the Justice for Families campaign group, said parents should "go abroad", if it is legal.

But the courts advisory service, Cafcass, said going abroad did not solve the problem for most parents.

The government said family justice reform was a "critical priority".

In 2012, local authorities made a record 10,218 applications to take children away from parents.

This figure was 11% higher than in 2010-11 and 61.6% higher than in 2007-08, according to Cafcass, which said applications had been rising since the case of Baby P in 2008.

In some high profile cases where children died, local authorities were criticised for not acting quickly enough and for believing what they had been told by parents.

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