Occupy the BBC
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Occupy the BBC


TODAY - Sat 16th Nov - Some members of are joining the occupy the media marches - watch this space for Pics/Vids/Feedback from the event

This Saturday, please support us in any way. From coming down to the demo to watching us online via livestream and sharing and tweeting to the BBC.
BBC News:


You may have noticed the lack of coverage of the September March of 60,000 people TO SAVE THE NHS, in Manchester . It was placed as local news, while the small Tory conference was televised.

The Same for the #MillionMaskMarch. 400 locations around the world, but was deemed “too small” to report.

Not reported or under-reported by the BBC:
US-EU Free Trade Agreement. The Secret trade agreement that you know nothing about, but will make corporations more powerful than nation states.

Corporate take-over of the NHS.
Manchester March of 60,000 people.
Million Mask March: 400 locations around the world.


Anonymous ART of Revolution
Occupy the London Stock Exchange


Still need a reason to #OccupyTheBBC on Nov 16th. How about their blackout of mass protest?

(apologies for date typo on previous post)

LONDON #OccupyTheBBC #OpBBC Nov16th.
BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London.

MANCHESTER BBC Media City, Salford Occupy Manchester

GLASGOW BBC Scotland Pacific Quay Pacific Drive Glasgow G51 1DA

Cardiff event OpBBC

Nottingham #OpBBC #OccupytheBBC: March Against Mainstream Media.

This event will be live video streamed via this channel:

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