British man charged with hacking US Army and Nasa computer systems
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British man charged with hacking US Army and Nasa computer systems


From The Telegraph

An indictment served in a US court included pieces of instant message conversations that Love allegedly had with his partners, with one message saying: "This ... stuff is really sensitive".

Speaking at his family home yesterday, Mr Love declined to comment on the allegations, saying he had only just returned “after being at government headquarters” and was “not well”.

He has been released on bail until February and could face a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count.

A statement from US prosecutors has claimed the “stolen data” included the “personally identifying information of thousands of individuals, some of whom were military servicemen and servicewomen.”

An inquiry led by the FBI and the Army's computer crime unit found that Mr Love and three unnamed accomplices – two from Australia and one from Sweden – allegedly infiltrated systems used by the Nasa, the US Missile Defense Agency, the US Army, and the Environmental Protection Agency, the prosecutors said.

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