David Cameron's Corrupt & Pedophile Friends in High Places
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David Cameron's Corrupt & Pedophile Friends in High Places


David Cameron `claimed' he was "Profoundly shocked" over the revelation that one of his top aides faces paedophile charges, implying that he was, yet again `unaware'. This is from a man who has spent the past five years demonstrating a savage lust for destroying the moral fabric of society and eradicating compassion from it. As well as Mr Cameron having secured a place in history for sadistic cruelty, he has also secured a nasty reputation for avoiding trouble, mostly through bullying and acting on the advice of his closest aides, henchmen Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby, whom he relies upon to  cover-up for him, no matter what the cost to sacrificing others. This is recognizable by Cameron's familiar consistency of always "Blaming someone else", "Pretending he didn't know" AND "Fabrication, manipulation, exploitation, cold-hearted denial and dismissing facts and figures that provide irrefutable evidence". Has anyone been recording what happens to those who cross the notoriously vindictive David Cameron or must we wait for history to disclose some shocking revelations in declassified documents, by which time we shall be complicit due to our indifference and judged accordingly by future generations? With all the resources at his disposal, does he really have so much contempt for the people that he believes they are so dumb to believe that his vetting procedures failed him. He also claimed that he was unaware of the activities of his former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson in the phone hacking scandal, yet not long after Coulson's departure and relative convenient media obscurity, Cameron himself began implementing radical procedures for GCHQ and the intelligence services to spy on every UK citizen in his beloved Snooping Charter, committing a huge amount of funding from money we allegedly do not have to this aim.

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